Why Pond Mobile Business

When others view problems, we at Pond Mobile Business
see a tough decision waiting to be made

Whether working remotely from home, teleconferencing with the Tokyo branch, or simply downloading a presentation from your office server,
today high quality and secure connectivity is no longer simply a benefit; it is a necessity.

Pond Mobile Business offers the first global roaming plan, with complete transparency;
One Bill for One Globe, Zero Surprises. Our unlimited worldwide calling is truly unlimited in 200+ countries. Let your business reach the whole world with Pond Mobile!

Empowering you and your company with total global mobility,
Pond Mobile provides you boundless opportunity
and peace of mind.

Wouldn’t it be nice

Ensuring your overseas clients never have to pay international rates to return your
call. But rather, a local number appears on their caller ID under your name allowing
them to easily contact you anytime and enabling you to keep every client happy, no
matter their location.

OR consider…. regardless

Never miss a business call again even when your phone is turned off or you simply ran out of battery life with our ADVANCED MISSED CALL INDICATOR

Top competitor vs Pond mobile
Top competitor
Pond Mobile

Average Cost Per Minute

$0.20 + (Roaming Surcharge + Tax)


Average Cost Saving

Up To 50%

2G Data Included

High-Speed Data Additional Cost



LTE Included

140 + Countries &



200 + Countries &


United States Only

Hardware Support


Not Available

Smart Caller ID


Additional Charge $15

Limited to 30 Countries*

Int’l Long Distance


Covers 55+ Countries*

Not Available

Int’l Local Number(s)


* International long distance to landline numbers not factored in, only calls to mobile. Pond offers 80+ countries for calls to landline while T-Mobile offers 70+. Top competitor used for example is T-Mobile, Pricing/information as of June 2018, Information was compiled from competitor’s website. For details visit carrier website.

Pond Mobile makes it possible

Global Service
  • 24/7 Multi-Language Support
  • Tier 3 Certified Expert Agents that will answer your call and fix any problem
    on the first try without hours of waiting or transfers
  • A Single global contract
  • Offices Worldwide
  • Even if your phone has been smashed beyond repair or lost in the ocean we can
    facilitate a replacement to be sent anywhere in the world
Transparent Billing
  • Pond Mobile Business provides superior quality
  • Pricing is approximately 50% less than even the cheapest of the big US carriers including T-Mobile
  • Zero pricing gimmicks
  • Zero possibility of BILL SHOCK
Proprietary Technology

Featured Business Solutions Only Available from Pond Mobile Business

  • Up to 10 personalized International Phone Numbers, assigned per customer in the countries that matter most to you
  • Despite not being a local resident or even physically in the country of choice, due to SMART CALLER ID your call shows up just like any other
    local number and your global business maintains its local business touch through its ability to have appear as local numbers to the Int’l country
  • ADVANCED MISSED CALL INDICATOR automatically sends you a text message with your missed calls even if your phone was off and the
    calling party didn’t leave you a voicemail, ensuring you never miss a beat.
Pond Mobile Business, is dedicated to empowering your business,
not gambling with its future.

These innovative solutions were created to protect you and your business from the seemingly impossible to even the improbable,
Pond Mobile Business never takes a chance with your business or your sense of security.