1. Does it matter which provider I currently am getting service from in order to join POND MOBILE?

2. How many countries does POND MOBILE BUSINESS work in?

3. Do I need to switch out my SIM card if I travel to multiple countries in a single trip?

4. Do I need to activate my International calling ability and if so how?

5. What happens if I lose my phone in a foreign country?

6. Can I use Wi-Fi Calling when I travel internationally?

7. Can I send text messages and access data services while traveling abroad?

8. Will I experience the same domestic high-speed data when in a global roaming country?

9. Do I need to change any device settings to connect internationally with my world phone or international data device?

10. Can I use my mobile phone to make and receive calls while on board a cruise ship?

11. How long does it typically take for international travel charges to appear on my bill?

12. Is there a limit to the amount of data I can use?

13. What do I do if my phone stops working?

14. If I want to change my rate plan mid-month and while aboard what can I do?

15. How am I charged for talk, text and data while traveling abroad?

- client