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Roaming New York

Roaming New York

The Best Mobile and Data Roaming in New York

New York City is one of the most expensive and popular cities in the world. It is also a popular travel destination of many travelers all over the world. So if you plan to stay in this city, we highly suggest you use only the best mobile and data roaming in New York.

Affordable Mobile and Data Roaming in New York

Taxes on telecommunication services are relatively high especially in first-world countries and urbanized cities; this also means expensive mobile and data roaming in New York. Do not worry, there are still affordable mobile rates in the city which we will be sharing with you.

Pond Mobile Business Roaming New York Costs

Pond Mobile is a leading international mobile provider and operator that offers global roaming, wireless coverage, fixed mobile plans, smart caller ID and international calls to its users nationwide.

Most Pond Mobile users are first-class world travelers and businessmen who are in need of constant and fast connectivity. If you are a Pond Mobile user, do not worry about the roaming in New York charges and costs because there is absolutely none. With our telecommunication services, you can text, call and surf the internet whenever you want and wherever you are without worrying about how much you will pay!

Pond Mobile offers different types of plans such as social roaming+ and business plan. The business plan options are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. Each plan has different features that can suit your needs.

On a monthly basis, the Silver Plan costs $399.00, Gold Plan for $499.00, Platinum for $599.00 and VIP for $1200.00 Take note that if you are subscribed under the VIP plan, you will enjoy unlimited international calls, texts and internet data connection wherever you are in the world. The VIP plan is definitely the best plan for New York businessmen and travelers!

But whatever the Pond Mobile plan that you choose, you are not going to pay for any roaming charges.

Why Choose Pond Mobile International Roaming in New York Services?

With Pond Mobile, you will not worry about the roaming charges and the internet speed. Unlike other telco players (telecommunication companies), we highly assure you that we do not include any hidden fees and service charges!

You can enjoy unlimited calls, texts and internet connection without the need to estimate the monthly charges because Pond Mobile only has fixed costs. If you are a Pond Mobile user, you will never miss any happenings around the city of New York even if you are overseas.

Pond Mobile (www.business.pondmobile.com) offers free smart caller IDs which can be used as a local or international number. You can choose between the two whenever you use your pond mobile phone and enjoy roaming in New York City.

With your Pond Mobile existing phone number, you can always get a new one in up to ninety countries which is absolutely convenient especially if you are a world traveler or a digital nomad.

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