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International Wireless Service New Jersey

International Wireless Service New Jersey

Using International wireless service in New Jersey can be complicated and confusing. There are nine digits in any phone number called in the United States, but in other countries, it ranges from seven to thirteen digits. Each country has its own code adding to the confusion. These numbers have to be dialed correctly for the call to go through. Most international calls must be routed through more than one operator that each speaks a different language. This makes for a sometimes significant language barrier. In addition to this confusion is the fact that international calls can get expensive. By the time the call goes through the necessary channels, and you are talking to the person you are calling, the minutes have added up. A ten-minute call to North Korea could cost over seventy-five dollars. Most businesses must make several calls overseas every day. Without an international wireless calling plan, it could cost a business a fortune to communicate with their clients. You can get plans that cover calls to only one country with some carriers and pay less every month than you would pay for one call without it.


Wireless Service With Pond Mobile


Pond Mobile provides international wireless service in New Jersey that covers over two hundred destinations and countries around the world. This can be done at a cost lower than half the cost of the least expensive carrier's service in the USA. Some of the other services we can give our clients are around the clock multi-language support. This will cut down on the number of operators the call must go through, and the time it takes to get through them, allowing more time to talk directly to your client. This is made possible because we have offices in several different countries. Another important service that is offered is a fast phone replacement. If you drop the phone in the ocean or smash it to pieces, we will send you another phone quickly. One of the features our plans offer is the SMART CALLER ID. With the Smart Caller, the person you are calling in another country will see a local number with your name in the caller ID. You can receive up to ten phone numbers that are personalized for the country you use the most. It can be frustrating to miss an urgent call, but with our MISSED CALL INDICATOR, this will not happen. When a call is not answered, you will receive a text message notifying you of that call. You receive the text regardless of whether or not a message is left for you. There are 3G and 4G phones available and much more.

About Pond Mobile


We are a company that provides international wireless service to businesses throughout the world. We cater to the owners of companies and businessmen and women that conduct business outside their own country. We do not stop with the technology that is available now but are always researching and developing more advances means to make things better for our clients.

International Wireless Service New Jersey
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International Wireless Service New Jersey International Wireless Service New Jersey International Wireless Service New Jersey