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International Calling New Jersey

International Calling New Jersey

Gone are the days when you have to find a land line to do international calling in New Jersey or elsewhere around the world. During that time, you can also expect to be charged a hefty amount when you make such calls.

Thankfully, you can now make local and international calls more conveniently, thanks to mobile phones, tablets, and the like. However, you will still be charged a specific fee when you make international calls.

If you are a frequent overseas traveler, exorbitant phone bills should not surprise you anymore. You would make sure to keep a specific budget just for your communication needs when you are outside your country.

While many network providers or carriers have already introduced several mobile calling applications, it also means paying for extra charges depending on your location. The same thing applies to text rates and mobile Internet surfing.

Having said these, you may be already tired of your sky-high phone bill every time you go on an overseas business trip. If you want to lessen that hassle, you can follow these tips so you won’t experience that again:

Contact your network provider before your scheduled travel.

All of these companies employ customer service personnel who can assist you with your international communication needs. Make sure to know several issues that can spike your phone bill while abroad. These include:

  • International call costs from your country of origin to another country, and vice versa
  • International call cost difference between calling a landline number and another mobile number
  • Standard fees for sending and receiving text, video and audio messages
  • Standard fees for using mobile data for Internet access

Utilize free Wi-Fi to make calls and texts and other mobile services.

You can ask your provider’s customer support to know more how to set your phone for international use. Check out the “Settings” option on your mobile phone where you can set your connection via Wi-Fi or a mobile network. Make sure to turn off international roaming to prevent you from getting charged by your network provider.

Receive calls for business purposes only.  

To minimize calling costs while in a middle of an overseas business trip, accept calls only from your clients. Calling your loved ones back home to let them know how you’re doing can be quite tempting, but consider your expenses as well.

Let them understand that you won’t be able to call them whenever you want unless there’s low-cost Wi-Fi connection around. If there’s one, feel free to update them and check some emails or browsing your social media page on the side.

Utilize your smartphone mobile calling applications.

These mobile apps mostly use Wi-Fi connections that charge a minimal amount for every transaction. Some even offer free texts or video calls to anywhere in the world!

Pond Mobile offers a wide range of mobile services, including making international calling from New Jersey to elsewhere in the world. With Pond Mobile, your mobile communication experience will never be the same again. Contact our customer service personnel today to learn more about our mobile plans and services.

International Calling New Jersey
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International Calling New Jersey International Calling New Jersey International Calling New Jersey