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Global Roaming New York

Global Roaming New York

When you think you will only spend money on booking a flight, a nice place to stay while in a different country, and pocket money for some shopping, you are wrong. More often than not, you would have to set a budget for your mobile phone use overseas. While you can automatically connect to the local network, do not be surprised anymore once you see your exorbitant bill upon return to your own place.

How Global Roaming Can Cost You

You see, global roaming in NY and elsewhere can cost you some money due to the additional fees charged in calls, messaging, and mobile data usage. These fees are apart from the standard fees charged to you by your service provider. While you may be aware that you will be charged a certain fee to make a call while out of the country, you will also be charged to receive one.

Global roaming allows you to use the local country’s internet and mobile data facilities, which can be convenient for you. However, it can cost you some extra cash because its usage is apart from your service provider’s package. Likewise, you may incur even more charges if your standard network is slower than the local internet provider.

How To Prevent “Surprise” Charges

So, how can you minimize, if not avoid, incurring exorbitant costs on your next phone bill? Here are some tips you can consider:

  1. You can use an older mobile phone unit instead of a smartphone, especially if you intend to use your phone only for texts and calls.

  2. If you have no choice but to use your smartphone overseas, make sure to turn off your cellular data and other settings which can automatically connect you to the internet.

  3. Seize the opportunity to use the local country’s free Wi-Fi instead of relying on your mobile data. Turn off the roaming mode on your phone.

  4. Utilize your free apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype or Viber when making texts or calls. Make sure to turn off these apps after using them.

  5. Invest in a Travel SIM if you are often traveling overseas.

Finding The Best Network Provider with Global Roaming in NY

Pond Mobile is an answered prayer for frequent travelers out there, including you. Pond Mobile is the first international network provider that offers texts, calls, and Internet surfing anywhere without roaming charges.

We at Pond Mobile provide reliable communication needs for people around the world at a fixed price. We offer several plans that cater to your communication needs while you’re elsewhere in the world. No extra fees, no hidden charges – just that motivation to meet and exceed your expectations and overall satisfaction.

With Pond Mobile, you can always keep in touch with your loved ones and do business anytime and anywhere around the world. With Pond Mobile, communication will never be the same again. Contact our customer support and learn more about our fantastic services.

Global Roaming New York
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Global Roaming New York Global Roaming New York Global Roaming New York