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Business International Data Plan

Business International Data Plan

Business international data plan

In today’s world being able to communicate effectively is key. If you can’t get in contact with people or if you don’t have data it will feel as if you are stranded on a tropical island alone. That is why you should consider getting the best mobile service provider on your side.
We at Pond Mobile are very passionate about delivering the best to all of our clients. We have a lot of plans for you to choose from and one of our best is the Business international data plan. We have been around for a while now so we are very knowledgeable about what you need and how to give it to you.

Different plans you can get from us
We offer a variety of excellent services for you to choose for. It is not only just variety that we are offering but also cost-effectiveness. Here is a list of our different plans.

Social roaming +
This plan boasts global roaming in over 200 countries. You can also keep in touch with your loved one, download and view photos. When using WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and you get unlimited calls.

Silver plan
With the silver plan, you get up to 1500 units and 250 SMS's with this plan. You also get one local number for incoming calls. An added benefit is” smart caller I’d” for one country. 1 unit equals 1 min of voice or 1mb of data. 

Gold plan
With the gold plan, you get 2500 units and 500 SMS's. You also get two local numbers for incoming calls. And smart caller, I’d for 2 countries.

Platinum plan
With the platinum plan, you will get a whopping 4000 units and 750 SMS's worldwide. With this plan, you will also get three local numbers for incoming calls. With smart caller, I’d for 3 countries. This is one of our best plans so it would be in your favor to take advantage of this plan.

VIP plan
The VIP is one of our elite plans and with this plan you get unlimited local and international calls, and unlimited Internet and SMS's. Five local numbers for international calls. An added bonus of “Smart caller id” for 5 countries.

Gold numbers plan
VIP numbers are very easy to remember. Your number will be recognizable worldwide. You will also get a distinctive business card and concierge priority.
With all these plans there is bound to be one that would fit your lifestyle. When you are in a different country it is essential to keep in touch with your people back home be it for leisure or family.

We at Pond mobile want you to feel at home irrespective where in the world you find yourself. It does not matter if you want to talk, text or surf we have all the necessary international data plans that will work for you. With our multitude of plans, there is no reason why you will not find what you are looking for. Call us today to switch to one of our plans.


Business International Data Plan
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Business International Data Plan Business International Data Plan Business International Data Plan