If you're still on the fence, and in need of that final push, here are a few reasons why you should start the very next day:

Jump-Start Your Body's Metabolism

If you dedicate at least half an hour to exercise first thing in the morning, you can expect really good results, since training on an empty stomach makes your body burn fat and not the food you've had, leading to effective weight loss.

Get Some Good Sleep

Research confirms that those who wake up early experience more steady and healthier levels of fatigue as opposed to late risers, and once you've gotten used to the new schedule, your quality of sleep also improves dramatically.

Boost Your Brain

Besides improving your mental health by freeing up more time to be more mindful, recent data suggests that early risers are more proactive, creative and better at problem-solving as those who sleep in.

Up Your Mood

Waking up around 6 AM regularly without hitting that snooze has proven to make people more alert and happy, since rising that early jolts your system to release more endorphins.

Go on, try it! We want you to get the most out of your morning, and hoping this will persuade you to make a lifestyle change right now.