Keep it minimal

Too much detail or loud colors really can affect how concentrated you're going to be, and how long you'll be able to keep that mindset. If there are distractions around you, like unorganized papers, big penholders, tons of personal stuff and so on, this clutter is going to constantly shift your attention away from the work you're trying to get done.

We suggest clearing out the desk completely, leaving quite a bit of space for your laptop or monitor and keyboard, your planner, water to stay hydrated and the documents you're currently working on - maybe some plants, too.

Choose well-lit areas

Enough daylight is crucial to keep humans alert, motivated and healthy, as recent data from many publications suggests. Therefore, try to make an effort to find yourself a spot with a window close by, so that you actually get as much sun as possible.

Daylight is going to keep you more awake and less anxious or depressed - wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

Clean everything out often

If there is an item on your desk that you do not use every single day, please toss it - clutter tends to build up quickly, and it's way easier to deal with it right away.

Also, it's a really great habit to learn how to let go of the stuff that's already served its purpose, and stop collecting what you won't be able to get use out of, as well as allow you to never purchase these again if they did not live up to your expectations.

Get yourself a planners

If you're one of those people who tend to write everything down to remember what you need to complete, which is a good habit, by the way; stop collecting tons of little pieces of paper, because those tend to get lost easily.

Planners allow you to organize all of that info in one place, track the tasks and your personal statistics over the weeks or months, and prevent you from losing crucial stuff.

Now get to revamping your workspace, and we wish you all the luck with that! Also, read our article 6 Tools To Organize Your Working Process. And follow our Twitter and Facebook to learn first about our updates and special offers.