Travel Must-Haves Photo 1

1. A durable, lightweight, smooth-rolling wheelie bag that holds a lot and doesn't tip over easily. Four-wheeled bags are even less likely to tip over, but they're slower to walk with and prone to rolling away when you're standing in line somewhere.

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2. Means of communication. Check all your devices (phones/tablets) and chargers. To make sure you have everything in order, just get an organizer for chargers. And don't forget your Pond Mobile sim-card to stay connected with unrestricted high speed internet access and no hidden roaming charges anywhere.

Travel Must-Haves Photo 2

3. A copy of your passport — you'll probably never need it, but if you lose your passport, having a copy greatly expedites the process of getting a new one. A scanned copy that you e-mail to yourself works fine.

4. One-quart Ziploc bags for getting liquids, gels and toiletries through airport security — pack a few extra ones in case one rips or someone you're traveling with forgets to bring one.