1. Blue Apron - Subscription Meal Service

Capital raised: $58,000,000

This service ships ingredients with thorough recipes for exciting meals to your very doorstep, and providing just enough for dinner, reducing food waste. They currently send out over $2,000,000 boxes each month in the US.

2. Grand Rounds - Contact between Patients and Medical Professionals

Capital raised: $51,000,000

Having access to an over 30,000 doctor database, Grand Rounds provides services to connect people who seek medical assistance with specialists that have good references and ratings.

3. Kreditech - Online Digital Banking

Capital raised: $274,000,000

This startup allows those with credit history unacceptable for most traditional banks to take out loans by checking their online footprint and ranking them accordingly.

4. Raise - Selling Unused Gift Cards

Capital raised: $87,000,000

Raise serves as a marketplace where people put up unused gift cards for sale, which capitalizes on a very important issue in the US, since out of $400 billion gift card industry almost 20% of them never get used or even re-gifted. The service itself takes 15% cut from the seller, so it's sort of no wonder why it's growing in value so quickly.

5. Wish - Mobile Marketplace

Capital raised: $78,000,000

Created by the former Google software engineer, this website and app allow users to purchase cheap goods, and in the same fashion that Aliexpress does, puts up a huge database of suppliers, usually from China. Its user base has exceeded $100,000,000.

Hopefully, this will convince you - all that is needed for success is an innovative approach and dedication, as we've seen from the startups mentioned above.