Check all of your documents thoroughly

Even though it seems like a really obvious tip - please make sure to double-check! Besides applying for visas and buying tickets in advance, look through your passport to make sure that there are enough clean pages to put stamps on, or you make face quite a bit of an issue.

Pack smart

Since you're probably going to be attending business meetings, you need to take into account for more put-together outfits when packing your things. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to take a couple of pairs of pants and twice as much dressy tops, as well as at least one costume or a dress to wear at events. Invest in some dust covers, so that your clothes won't crease, and put some spare outfits in case an emergency happens.

Bring your own snacks

Eating healthy on the go is no easy feat because most convenience foods tend to be really not that good for you, and all that's available to shop at is usually either a gas station or an airport. Opt for nuts, fruit or prepackaged snacks like hummus or yogurt, and make sure to stay very hydrated, since you're going to be moving a lot.

Choose a travel-friendly carrier

When traveling for work, having a reliable and affordable LTE or 3G is crucial now, but most traditional carriers can only provide stable 2G connection, or charge extra for faster cellphone data.

With Pond Mobile, you're able to get one single-payment plan with no hidden fees, and also expect quality cellphone service in 200+ countries all over the world.

We hope that these tips will come in handy on your next trips - here's to traveling smarter!