Determine who's important

In a big group of people at an event, it's crucial to figure out who's really important there and is most capable of cooperating with you effectively in the long run.

With these big fish, you're going to need to step up, try to be as friendly as possible, and get their contacts in any way possible, to then poke them often and find out their interests to close that distance between you.

It has to feel like a distant friendship - wish them Happy Birthday (maybe their family too), ask them how their career and life is doing, if possible, try to meet in person once every half a year; you get it.

You need to make sure that you cross their mind regularly, to stay on the radar, for when the time comes, and you are going to need any sort of help.

Reach out to the rest

Don't forget about all of the other folks that you've seen and maybe received a business card from - there's no need for the same closeness and intensity as with the crucial people, but sending out an email or two a months with the news of your company/business is a really good way to refresh their memory of you.

Now, this may sound somewhat shallow, but in reality - you spend energy and time to engage with people and following everyone up with the same intensity, you simply won't get equal treatment back, getting drained at the same time.

Get over the fear of rejection

It may often seem like the influential people, especially when we focus on their wealth, definitely wouldn't want to have anything to do with you - but that really isn't always true.

Money and social connections are things that we as people tend to never get enough of, and you never see the whole truth right away: people you see as perfect may actually have issues that only you would be able to help with, and benefit in some way in return.

There is still more to talk about, and we'll get around to that in our next posts, but for now - get out there and socialize efficiently! And enjoy our previous article 9 Habits to Become a Successful Person.