Sticking to a schedule

It doesn't matter how much of your extra hours you're going to spend in trying to catch up, some tasks will inevitably stay in backlog. And that's a completely normal thing - that's what schedules and estimates are for, and all of this workload is meant to be taken care of day by day, so you're really not missing out or slacking off working 9 to 5, and going home right after. Staying in late will also decrease your concentration due to lack of rest, which will take a toll on your productivity, too

Taking care of your health

We're often ignoring whatever symptoms of sickness we might have to get to the office, since there's an urgent meeting or a presentation that shouldn't be rescheduled, feeling like otherwise, we'd be a burden. Even if it's just a cold, having a sick day is crucial for you to rest, which will accelerate your healing process - constantly ignoring whatever your body is trying to tell you will inevitably take a toll, and you're going to have a much harder time getting back to work anyway.

Remember the dates

Make a spreadsheet, set up a calendar or buy a planner, and keep all of the important dates in there so that you'll always know which days you absolutely need a day off. Otherwise, you might accidentally plan something work-related and very urgent, which is going to cause a lot of stress for you, and ultimately spoil the celebration.

Don't hide in your work

When having issues in your personal life, it might be really tempting to hide in your work and ignore whatever's going on in hopes that it'll pass on its own. That's not a healthy approach to conflict, and it's very important to learn to face them straight on, and plan some extra time off with your loved ones to resolve that tension and show them that your affection.

Distance yourself

If for some reason you really need to do something work-related on your off days, absolutely don't drive to the office. Instead, make the most out of the technology you have - Skype-call for meetings, and manage your tasks remotely. If you take off to work in person, the commute alone is going to take up so much of your time that your whole day will go by in an instant.

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