1. SignEasy

We bet you've printed out a document just to sign it and scan the paper afterwards, which wastes tons of paper, and your work time.

Well, there's now an app that allows you to shave off a solid 30 minutes off of what your paperwork consumes daily that provides an option to sign your docs digitally: SignEasy.

You can easily import the doc from your inbox, for instance, and then fill in the date and add your pre-scanned (via the same app) signature, all in the same place!

2. Apple Shortcuts

Even though Siri has come quite a long way in terms of making our lives easier, it still somewhat incapable of getting complex commands that take several steps inside the apps, like tweeting the song you're currently listening to, or saving all contents of the letter.

To remedy that, Apple went ahead and created the “Shortcuts" app, which allows you to input and save commands that you use often, that can be accessed either via voice or through widgets.

3. Invoice 2go

Creating invoices can take quite a bit of time, especially if you're aiming to make them look slick and professional. Invoice 2go allows you to choose from 8 different templates with high-quality designs, set an automatic mailing list that will alert you weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, and edit your invoices whenever there is need.

4. Asana

There are tons of apps meant to track your tasks and make lists out there, but Asana is definitely a breath of fresh air, since most of them can be quite confusing and not very user-friendly.

This app doesn't have a learning curve - you just put in your current tasks, and the minimalistic design makes it way easier to focus on your work. Also, you can create projects, share them with your coworkers and coordinate entire teams!

5. Hours Time Tracking

A multi-device syncing app that makes time management easy and enjoyable, giving you reminders of when you'd probably start tracking (in case you tend to forget) based on your previous data, start/stop timers with a single tap, track by intervals and much more.

It also provides you with very detailed but comprehensible reports on demand in-app or in PDF, as well as syncs with your Hours tab on iPhone to tell you how much time you've spent inside various apps.

All of these apps are great at making your work life more productive and easily manageable - and Pond Mobile as a mobile carrier is aiming to do the exact same thing for your communications, with 0 additional charges under your subscription.