However, that is definitely a very harmful practice: when using a mobile network, you're most likely in a rush, which means that you're predisposed to overlooking certain mobile security threats.

There are thousands of successful data hijacking attempts happening each day, which leads to data loss and sensitive information being exposed and possibly exploited - your credit cards, addresses, personal messages, pictures and more.

How can you make sure that your mobile security does not get compromised?

Always check if you're using a secure network

It's crucial to stay away from public WiFi spots as much as possible in order to ensure your mobile safety - most of the time it is compromising your data protection.

Use mobile network whenever possible

As a rule of thumb: it's always better to opt for using your cell phone data than connecting to a public WiFi vulnerable to hacking attempts - your security and privacy is going to benefit from it in the long run.

Choose a mobile carrier that ensures your phone call privacy

To protect yourself from security threats, the best and easiest option you have is switching to a cell phone carrier that has adopted policies ensuring the security and privacy of your device.

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