While you definitely should aim to do your personal best, this workaholic ethic has become a new standard in most industries and prevalent among several generations, like millennials and Gen-Z.

Inevitably, this leads most of us to a serious case of burnout - some are tougher and more stress-resistant, but it catches up eventually since this approach to productivity is pretty destructive at its core.

To combat this, we've collected our best self-care practices to dissolve some of the stress and prevent crashing into a wall and losing enthusiasm for your projects:

1. Take time and pace yourself. Divide the tasks you have into several smaller ones and plan ahead realistically.

2. If you feel like you're getting too stressed and tired, don't push through - take a break.

3. Also, include these in your agenda, space them out and treat as an obligatory part of your schedule.

4. Avoid working on weekends - your brain really needs a change of the type of activity and surroundings to recharge, and then function most efficiently during the work week.

5. Physical exercise is just as important for our productivity as training mental agility - it has proven to improve memory and creative thought capabilities.

We're hoping these will definitely come in handy to you next time you're tackling that big project!