1. Know your client

When you're compiling the letter, do it while keeping in mind what might catch your prospective client's attention; mention the points and predict the questions you might have yourself.

2. Keep it short

We're having to constantly read tons of information on social media, and most of the texts rarely get to the point right away. Your potential investor or client is way more likely to read through the letter and reply if you make an effort to make it as brief as possible.

3. Avoid formalities

We've been led to believe that business letters need to be overly formal and hard to get through, using go-to complicated phrases that in reality don't add anything meaningful or impactful to your texts. Words like "heretofore", "as per", “herewith” don't even need explaining.

4. Use attachments

If you really do need to include some sort of technical details or long lists of information on the product, feel free to put that in a separate file and attach it after the main message, since most people are far more likely to drop reading the letter once they see how overly long it is.

Hopefully, all of these will be easy to implement, but we do promise that these are going to change your business lettering skills and leave no prospective client indifferent.