1. Make time to relax

Yes, you should always take time to rest. Everyday relaxing helps you not to burn yourself out. And be in a good mood, of course.

2. Learn something new every day

New foreign word, new lifehack, a new fact, new something else… The world is changing every minute and you shouldn't be on the same page. And also learning something every day helps your brain be active for more long time.

3. Planning is also a very good habit

A successful person knows what to expect from tomorrow. Take a time every day to make a to-do list for the next day. Or make some weekly or monthly plan. Depend on you.

4. Free your mind from negativity

If you don't know anything about meditation, it's the right time to know. Everyday meditating (even for ten minutes) helps you to free the mind from negative thoughts and open it for something new and inspiring. And also such rituals help you to prepare for a good sleep.

5. Take care of your body

Morning exercises are the best way to start your day. Don't forget to take some time to move during the working day. This helps you to keep your body healthy.

6. Take time for your hobby

Even if work is the sense of your life - find some hobby and don't forget to take time for it. Changing activities helps to be more productive and concentrated.

7. Don't forget about water balance

One glass of cool water makes your morning better. It would be good for you to know how much water you should drink a day. Good water balance makes your body and mind work more effectively. So this is one of the reasons for being more productive at work.

8. Don't miss any meals

Yes, your mother was right - missing meals is bad, very bad! So now it's the best time to take care of your health and just try to eat well. I mean eating regularly and healthy, fast food is not your story.

Concentrate on eating process. Put down your mobile phone and laptop.

9. Learn to delegate

Try to beleive people. You'll like it, I promise. Not everyone in this world wants to get back at you. Delegating helps you not to burn yourself out and make a working process more productively.

This is the first part of successful people habits from Pond Mobile team. We have a lot of interesting and useful information for you… Stay tuned!