1. Turn off all your gadgets

No one likes to wake up in the night, especially if you're dreaming about something good. So turn off your mobile phone or just turn off the sound if you want to sleep well.

2. Sleep in a cool and dark room

Better buy a warm blanket than make your room hot as hell. You should air your room before getting to sleep because it helps you to fall asleep faster and dream about something good.

Turn off all the lights - this makes you sleep better.

3. Leave your problems in yesterday

Meditation is the best way to make all your negative thoughts go away. Make some free time before you go to bed and use it for your relaxation. Turn off all the sound, turn down the lights and take a comfortable pose. Try to breathe deeper and make your mind free. You can use some relaxing sound like the sound of rain…

Sometimes even ten minutes of meditation could make you sleep effectively.

4. Caffeine and alcohol are not your friends

Ok-ok, caffeine in the morning is not a big problem. But if you drink it before sleep or even in the evening, you could have some problems with getting asleep.

Everyone knows that getting drunk before working day is terrible because you'll be like the living dead the next day. But some people also think that one glass of wine before sleep is ok. Yes, this helps you to fall asleep but make you getting up harder.

5. Fall in love with relaxing tea

The best drink before sleep is relaxing tea. Or just cool water. But don't drink it too much - you'll wake up swollen like a ball.

6. Sleep longer is not always a good way

We know that sleeping less than 7 hours isn't good for our health and well-being. But do you know that sleeping too much is also not a good idea? Oversleeping makes you feel bored like if you didn't sleep at all. So try not to sleep more than 8-9 hours and you'll feel better.

7. Drink water as soon as you wake up…

.... and keep your water balance normal during the day. Drinking a glass of cool water in the morning helps you wake up faster and feel better. But don't add lemon in your morning glass of water - it's not good for your stomach.