7. De Beers - “A Diamond is Forever”

Probably the biggest marketing ploy of the past century, the campaign of the De Beers corporation has aimed to make diamonds into an absolute necessity among couples, playing on their emotional and psychological responses.

6. Maybelline - “Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Maybelline”

First off - this catchphrase just rolls off the tongue so perfectly, as any slogan should. Also, it sells the image very well: people wouldn't know if it's your natural beauty or strategically applied makeup, which is perfect for the drugstore brand.

5. Max Factor - “The Makeup of Makeup Artists”

Max Factor, being a makeup brand found in drugstores as well as the aforementioned Maybelline, managed to portray themselves as the better of the two, carefully wording their slogan in a way that makes it seem like their stuff is more “professional” or “high-end”.

4. Kit Kat - “Have a break, have a Kit Kat”

This slogan provokes such a clear mental image and conveys their message very effectively - “it's so easy to eat a candy bar, which makes Kit Kat a perfect snack to grab”.

3. Red Bull - “It Gives You Wings”

How could anyone have been able to put their point into words in a better way? Great energy boost = “Wings”, plus it was an extremely convenient wording to then translate to visual form, with the flying pigs and all.

2. Apple - “Think Different”

Apple is definitely a trendsetter in terms of product design and the implemented technology, but would they have been as popular as they are, if it weren't for a clever marketing campaign that portrayed them as a more unique and anti-mainstream option?

1. McDonald's - “I'm loving it”

Probably the single most iconic slogan out there - short but effective, and still fresh in our minds after years and years; and combined with the signature tune, it has brought explosive results.