Crash Course

A channel that is full of thorough courses on so many topics, like history, science, philosophy and so much more, perfectly animated and beginner-friendly.


They put out weekly videos on very interesting questions/myths that explain in detail how things work, usually covering popular topics requested by viewers.

The Game Theorists

Tons of really fun videos on retro games, where the owner of the channel applies all sorts of logical principles, knowledge in physics and overall science to figure out things like “how tall is Mario?" and lots more.


Educational vids that have been carefully directed and scripted by professionals in their respective fields to deliver knowledge in the best and cohesive way possible.

Earth Unplugged

BBC has produced lots of videos that educate us on the world of nature and geography to allow us to learn from the Earth's oldest inhabitants.

Healthcare Triage

A channel that does an amazing job of answering important questions on human health and anatomy, in an engaging way.

We really hope that you're going to enjoy these, and spend your free time on something worthwhile. And if you plan a long flight, please check out our article about how not to die in the flight boredorm.