In short, this would be the place to safe keep everything you'd want to come back to later. Dump here all of the articles you want to read, videos to watch, and even websites you wouldn't want to lose. Pocket is sort of like a to-do list of content you're compiling for yourself, which you would be able to go through any time.


PDF-files are probably the most common files that get sent back and forth in a corporate setting, as well as any documentation, or even books and worksheets. If you frequently encounter PDFs and need to save them someplace convenient, try Foxit. You can edit your PDF-files, sign forms and questionnaires, also convert other formats of documents into PDF, all within Foxit Online editor. Use either a desktop version or a mobile app (maybe both?), and access the recent files remotely.


This app is only available on your phone or tablet, but that would be more than enough if you need to scan documents, QR-codes or sketches, and don't have access to a standard scanner at all times. Scanbot also makes your scans look way more polished and crisp - you can crop them, straighten, or even apply filters. Save scans as PDF or JPG on your device or keep them either on your phone or in iCloud, and mail them directly to your colleagues from the app.


It's a very handy app that allows you to get remote access to another computer, for when you need to go through stuff on your desktop while you're away or use software that isn't available on yours. Have the app running on the device you want to get access to, and open TeamViewer on your phone or tablet. This can also be a powerful tool for troubleshooting and tech support: ask the person in need of help to install the app and look into the issue directly.


Don't try to hold all of your passwords solely in your memory, especially if you've been responsible and have made a unique password for each site - LastPass will do it for you. It can also keep all of your credit card info, shipping addresses and other data you frequently fill in, like a portable keychain for various websites.