So here're TOP-5 apps that can capture your attention and make you survive during long boring flights.


It was like salvation when Netflix finally made the feature that users have been asking for years - they allowed to download movies to watch them whenever you want. So when your phone is disconnected you can use offline playback to save yourself from long flight boredom.

Of course, not all the Netflix content is available offline now, but most of the world famous and users favorite series and movies are already allowed for offline playback.

Pocket Casts

It's a perfect app for you if you spend a lot of your life on flights, of course, if you like podcasts. Pocket Casts allows you syncing and downloading content across all the devices you have. You can choose and save dozens of podcasts at a time and make the app get you more content in the future.

YouTube Premium

It's paid premium YouTube service which allows you watching original platform-funded content with offline access and absolutely no ads. Download and watch videos without any pre-roll ads, banners and other annoying commercials. With this service, you can choose also a resolution you want a video to download with - but it's up to 720.


Another good way to make your flight time pass faster - read a book. Reading on plane relaxing and getting away from the boredom around. Kindle book app has the best prices and simple users interface. Download and read books whenever you want even when your phone has no wi-fi connection. Don't worry about eyesight - it has automatic brightness control.

Spotify Premium

Lots of people prefer listening to music during their flights, especially when you can watch the beautiful view in an airplane window. Spotify music app allows you downloading thousands of songs to make a perfect playlist for the any-length flight. You can save songs not just one by one - download full albums be one click. And of course, you can listen to your saved music offline.

Hope you've found something interesting for you on this list and your flight time gets perfect since this day. By the way, Pond Mobile offers brilliant roaming rate plans for frequent travelers and business. Enjoy your flight!