Kayak is sort of like a little travel agent on your smartphone. You enter the particular date and destination, while Kayak is going to look for the best flight prices. Additionally, the app can find you a suitable hotel room, and even a car for rent.

A built-in price estimator helps you find out when would be the best time to buy tickets for your date and destination. Kayak will also send you all essential information, like hotel confirmation, directly onto the devices you've synced with your phone, for instance Apple Watch.


This would be the perfect app in case you're looking for the cheapest plane tickets. Don't be put off by its silly interface - that cute bunny will help you save some money big time. Hopper uses data on thousands of previous flights to estimate when there tends to be the biggest discount for the destination you've chosen.

The app advises you as to when is the right time to book the holiday, or if it's better to wait a bit and catch a later date, but way cheaper. Our favorite feature is push-notifications that remind you of when your tickets will total up to way less than you could've even hoped for.

Hotel Tonight

You never know exactly what can happen every minute of every single day, especially when traveling long distance. Maybe your flight has been abruptly canceled? In this instance, you'll have to find a new place to stay very quickly, and that usually means the closest one available, which is rarely the cheapest too.

Hotel Tonight's biggest selling point is that they promise you to find a place to stay in less than 10 seconds, for a good price. Also, this app has several partnerships with top chain hotels, so you're able to get the perfect room with a pleasant discount. Moreover, if you can wait for around 30 minutes before the check-in, you'd be able to land a place to stay for even cheaper.


Imagine you have your own trip support: travel agent, tour guide and personal consultant. And they're living in your smartphone. With the Hipmunk app, you can fastly plan your trip and book best-priced flights, find beneficial offers for renting rooms and cars.

The most valuable feature is that you can see every point of your trip - flight details, stops, minute to minute timing of your trip so you can plan everything you going to do without any failures. You can see hotel and restaurant reviews from other resources. Hipmunk can also find you the best-situated place to stay depending on your prefers.


The app which helps users who are struggling with refunds when the flights are getting canceled or disrupted. AirHelp analyses the user's issues caused by the airline and helps to reimbursements. Also, they will assist you in filing a claim for the flight compensation.

We surely hope you found these apps useful! And if you are a frequent traveler, please check out our page with rate plans with global roaming that include unlimited calls, texting and data.
Enjoy your trip!