There are quite a few lessons to be learned in simple and seemingly meaningless daily situations, and since journaling is all about capturing those moments, your struggles and emotions, looking back allow you to understand yourself way better.

Almost everyone here at Pond Mobile has planners, but some always carry a little journal on themselves - and claim it really does help with clearing up internal struggles and pinpointing new ideas.

If you're still on the fence, here are a few tips on why you should definitely pick up journaling:

1. Understanding your goals and values

When you're writing, it's impossible to summarize the whole day's worth in one page or so. Therefore, we often unknowingly declutter our mental images to document only the things that truly matter.

2. Journaling helps you get yourself better

Journaling and describing what you've been thinking about turns into, essentially, a dialogue with yourself, which often provides you with valuable insight that couldn't have been achieved if you haven't seen the situation from a more neutral perspective.

3. They track your progress

Looking over the previous entries is not only fun but highly productive, especially when you have been journaling for a few years. You're able to get a first-person view of what you were like some time ago - your values, opinions, and thoughts, and consequently, you may compare them to how things have changed between then and now.

These are only a few definite benefits people mention when discussing journaling, but the best part is - once you pick up this habit, you'll figure out what's in it for you personally, all the while improving your awareness and mental clarity.